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Diver falling into swimming pool - forces!

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    A 88.0 kg diver falls from rest into a swimming pool from a height of 5.30 m. It takes 1.94 s for the diver to stop after entering the water. Find the magnitude of the average force exerted on the diver during that time.
    I found the acceleration to be 1.41 m/s^2 and then multiplied it by the mass to get 124 N. this wasn't right.
    Can someone help me?
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    I'm getting a larger acceleration, what is his speed as he hits the water?
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    I got the a to be 3.42 m/s^2.
    5.30= (1/2)a(1.94^2)
    I don't think I did it right though...
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    He is falling under gravity's force at a rate of 9.8m/s^2 and it takes him 1.94 seconds from the moment he penetrates the water surface to the time he becomes stopped (under water), find his final velocity as he hits the water:

    [tex] v_f^2 = v_i^2 + 2ad[/tex]

    Then You can find the force appliedo n him by multiplying his mass by the average acceleration you found.
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