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Divergence and the Flux

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    I know this should go into maths section, but I feel EE's could give me better explanation.

    I am trying to fully grasp to concept of divergence and electric flux.

    I need somebody to clear some things to me.

    [PLAIN]http://pokit.org/get/89066bc2effedc3aeee7c98b22964918.jpg [Broken]

    Imagine that this field inside is uniform and equal in strength in all points within and out of the surface.

    Is Electric Flux Through that closed loop surface 0? Is divergence 0 too? [my guesses: yes yes]

    Now here is where I get confused.

    Say that the strength of the field within the surface falls with 1/r2 rule. Is flux still zero? and is divergence still 0?

    And suppose the field gains strength with some rule within the surface? Divergence should be positive then.

    Main question here is: If a field gets weaker, do flux lines get less dense?
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