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A Divergence of (covaraint) energymomentum tensor

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    I quote "no good way of defining global energy conservation", why is that?
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    It is very well explained except the paragraph
    "We will not delve into definitions of energy in general relativity such as the hamiltonian (amusingly, the energy of a closed universe always works out to zero according to this definition), various kinds of energy one hopes to obtain by "deparametrizing" Einstein's equations, or "quasilocal energy". There's quite a bit to say about this sort of thing! Indeed, the issue of energy in general relativity has a lot to do with the notorious "problem of time" in quantum gravity... but that's another can of worms."
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    (Already shared these references in a conversation with Torg yesterday - they may be useful to others too)

    Take a look at this thread:

    Tensor calculus is generally part of differential geometry. Spivak's book is the one I was trying to recall. Try a google search for:
    Spivak, "Comprehensive Introduction to Differential Geometry"

    For tensors: J.L. Synge, A. Schild, Tensor Calculus (e.g. Dover publ.)

    See also



    I hope that helps.
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