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Divergent evolution

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    pls can u say something on coevolution convergent and divergent evolution and adaptive radiation
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    As far as I know,divergent evolution is more about homologous organs in various organisms.For example,bird,lizard,humans have similar forelimbs which have same embryonic origin but perform different functions.while convergent evolution should be more about analogous organs.For example,bird and bat have wings that have different embryonic origin but similar function that is to fly.
    Adaptive radiation is when the change in environment makes the organism to acquire variations that makes them different from their ancestral species.
    CO evolution is when two organisms are eco!ogically intimate due to their evolutionary changes.
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    Kay Nanny Jay, your post has been moved to a new thread since it has received a reply, in the future, please do not hijack another member's thread and do not simply ask vague, broad questions. I have sent you a private message explaining what information a first post should contain.
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