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Homework Help: Divergentce sentence of gaus prove for spesific pyramid

  1. Sep 13, 2004 #1


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    how do i prove the sentece for pyramid blocked between
    and the field is F=(0,0,R(x,y,z))
    R is at C1 (i mean it is continutius and its first devrtive is continutius)

    all the condition of the sentence are ok:
    the plane is smood at it's parts
    the plane is closed
    all F components are at C1 at all the area of the pyramid
    we need to prove
    SSF*nds (on S) =SSSdivFdxdydz (on V)
    while S is the border of V
    n is the normal of S

    how can we prove that in this case?
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