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Diversitity in NH?

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    so, apparently at this girl scout camp... there's like... more diversity than probably anywhere else in new hampshire. most of the counselors are from other countries. loads of Brits, a few Spainiards, couple Russians, one's from Singapore, one from Israel... its nuts! and those are just the ones i know... and i don't know everyone yet. all the accents flying around... being an american... from New hampshire... is like... a minority at camp! its really wild. now, i've just found out that most of the girls i work with are also gay... while, not terribly surprising once you think about it... (an all girls camp afterall...) but still... i mean, i've lived in new hampshire ages... and seriously... if you've never visited... read your history book... we were founded by conservative puritians... and aside from the boom of redneck culture, we really haven't added any culture since we formed, (and i'm not saying rednecks have culture... but ya know...) so its totally bizzare to realize that on this one premise, there's SO many different sorts of people... well... women. (there aren't any men of course... which by the way... is more frustrating than i'd've thought... and with also those lesbians around... well... we'll see what happens...)

    anyways. its just really amazed me. i looked around the first day i was there, and i had no idea just how much diversity there'd be. its been a fantastic experience of course, because being a born-bread New hampshirite, i haven't been exposed to much, (most of what i have been exposed to is likely online anyway...) but its just especially surprising that i could find so much so near by.
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    It takes all kinds to make a world, Gale, the more you get about the more
    you will find how true that is, but you are enjoying your self i hope, how
    about some pics?
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    A Freudian slip?
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    Those lesbians are much harder to adjust to than the foreigners.

    Gale, I went through exactly the same thing when I went away to prep school in Harrisville when I was 14. Not only was there an authentic guy from England, there were TWO, not one but TWO actual, living black kids!

    In my home town you were one thing or the other: French Canadian, or British stock. You were Catholic ot Protestant. Black people ("Negros" was the PC term back then in the 1960s) only existed on TV. What a culture shock to meet two in the flesh!

    I grew up in a place where I was 14 years old before I ever actually met a black person. I'm sure that must seem inconcievably strange to most people but that's the way it was.
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    The zoobster is dating himself big time :wink:

    Gale if you think that's diverse try going to NYC sometime- and you'll be in for a real culture shock.
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    oh, i know it isn't as diverse as it gets. but it still amazes me. i knew a few black people when we lived in texas when i was very very young. but when we moved up to new hampshire, i remember it was such a big deal when a black boy moved to our school in 7th grade. as i got a bit older, a few more kids moved to our school. then i moved further north and west in new hampshire, and my highschool had a grand total of maybe 3 black kids at any time, (many moved here, then moved away shortly after being made fun of so badly.) maybe 5 asians... japanese, chinese, filipino and korean... i think. and then that was about it. barely even many jewish kids at my school. and definetly no one from another country or anything like that.

    its just unbelievable to see this girl scout camp, back in the woods of the same town that i live in now.
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    the Girl Scouts accept people of all backgrounds...except atheists

    how's that for trolling? :)
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