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Homework Help: Diversity questions

  1. Apr 20, 2007 #1
    for Ap exam, not for homework
    I already figured out most of the questions about the diversity of animal, plants, protsit, prokaryote and fungi.

    these are the question that I couldn't understand:

    describe the synthesis and assimilation in animal in general:

    here this is example to make it clear:
    in prokaryote
    nitrogen fixation, transcription and translation.

    how do plants accomplish respiration? ANAEROBIC OR AEROBIC

    how do plants accomplish excertion? in what parts in the plants, for example in protist thru cell membrane, active and passive transport.

    describe the synthesis and assimilation in plants:

    how mushroom (fungi) accomplish regulation? as example in human is brain and in protist is nucleus
    how mushroom (fungi) accomplish excertion? is it the same as plants
    how mushroom accomplish respiration? anaerobic or
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