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Divide by zero

  1. Dec 14, 2007 #1
    1. we know that the smaller the fraction we divide the bigger the outcome
    i know that you are not supposed to divide by zero, because it messes up everything
    but according to the first rule wouldnt it mean that 1/0=infinity
    (i know it doesnt work if you reverse it, but please wait)
    so the universe started from nothing/0, so if 0/0=infinity wouldnt that explain a lot, but how can you physically divide by zero?
    if this theory stands, then wouldnt it mean that the universe can be destoyed and created by a black hole, since its 0.
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    Why should 0/0 equal what 1/0 might equal?
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    0/100000000000000 = 0, 0/0.00000000000000001 = 0
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    The math part: the limit of 1/n as n approaches 0 is infinity, correct? However, this is very different than inccorectly stating that 1/0 = infinity.

    As for the rest of the first post, I think that makes no sense whatsoever.
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    Summing zeros infinite times still results in 0. Summing 0.00(any number of zeros here)000001 infinite times results in infinity. A big difference.
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    Try solving for x:


    You can't do it.

    It's undefined.

    You can't.

    Numbers cannot be divided physically.

    It's not a theory. It doesn't explain anything.

    I used to be interested in this divided by zero stuff because after I took pre-calculus in the 11th grade, I had no math class in the 12th grade. But when I took Calculus I in college, I realize the mistake I made.

    Take calculus.
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