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Divide Sphere

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    Hi a bit random this question, but I'm trying to divide a sphere into many equal shapes (round-ness isn't important). So far I've come up with a dodecahedron, 12 pentagons. This isn't enough of a division for my needs. Can anyone give me the names of geometric shapes that have more divisions please. I found an image of a hexadecagon, but this only showed the divisions for a circle, so I could see the spherical division shape. I hope I've made enough sense for someone to understand what I'm after. It's not homework by the way.

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    It's really hard for me to guess your meaning. You're looking for a shape of some kind, one with many sides, I take it. But I don't know what "divisions for a circle" means, nor "spherical division shape".

    If your solid needs to be regular, the only step up from a dodecahedron to a "rounder" figure is an icosahedron, a 20-sided figure with triangles for faces. If you want the individual faces to be as "round" as possible, then a dodecahedron is the best regular solid; the others have triangles or squares as faces.

    If you don't need the solid to be regular, you can have as many faces as you want. A myriahedron is possible, if desired...
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