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Homework Help: Dividing polynomials question

  1. Mar 7, 2015 #1
    Mod note: Moved from a technical math section, so missing the template.

    I have this question and the answer but my mathXL does not show me how it came to this conclusion.

    (4s3+4s2 + 72)/ s+3

    I got all the way to the answer 4s2 - 8s

    The correct answer is 4s2 - 8s + 24

    I just don't know the steps to getting the +24, because when worked the problem, you cannot minus 72 from 24s.

    Anyone can help?
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    When you did your long division you might have left out the term with s in the numerator. When you work it out it should look like 4s3 + 4s2 + 0s + 72.
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    YEs that was the problem! thank you fourier jr
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    Check your division. Long division is difficult to type up on computers, so if you could take a picture of your work and post it, we could show you where you went wrong.
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    Ray Vickson

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    You wrote
    [tex] \frac{4s^3+4s^2+72}{s} + 3, [/tex]
    which is very easy to complete. Did you really mean that, or did you intend
    [tex] \frac{4s^3+4s^2+72}{s + 3}\;? [/tex]
    If so, use parentheses, like this: (4s^3+4s^2+72)/(s+3). This is a bit harder than the problem you wrote.
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