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Divination: China will become the superpower

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    A divination from John Titor and Chinse famous ancient divination book: Tui Bei Tu (or Pushing-back Graphics),

    They predicted that China will become the superpower, and China will annex the Taiwan, Japan and the two Koreas. Also, soon China will invade Australia, and thus Australia will be divided into many contries. Also, Chinese will go into the heyday. And Russia will use nucleus weapons to attack European contries, also the Russia will become the world's second big superpower, China is the most big superpower, they finally become the friends and ally together always.

    Before that, China, Europe, Japan and Russia will ally together to destroy Israel, since that no Israel in the world. Meanwhile, UK's regime may be replaced by Nothern Ireland, it is because she hasn't the support of USA and she will leave the European union. Taiwan will be annexed by China at around 2009, also it is because no USA's support.

    Also, there are another many divinations they predicted this same matter. I trust it will be proved. Their former divinations had also been proved, how do you think about this?
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    Take a deep breath and start again please.
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    And World War 3 will start around 2015, it is because Russia will put down nucleus weapons on Europe, China and America Federal, thus they will begin the wars. They won't use any soldiers, they will start the wars with nucleus weapons only. This will kill about 3 billions peoples in the world. And the Africa many countries will join the wars also, some the contries will be annexed by another contries. This world war only will continue around 1 years. In this war, China will has the least breaks comparing to other contries, and next Russia will ally with China to battle.
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    See my post above please!
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    The United Kindom will not exist in soon. The England maybe will have another new regime. This is because UK will leave the European Union, thus let the Nothern Ireland has the chance to dumpage the UK's regime.
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    A thing is worth for American to notice, the divinations tell us, the USA will have internal wars from 2005 to 2015, the cause is because the government's policy to the western peoples. And USA will be divided into 5 contries around 2009 or 2010, these 5 contries will consist the America federal. The stop of internal wars of USA is because the Russia will put nucleus bombs on America federal's contries at 2015, including the main cities and the warhouses of nucleus weapons in America federal. Before that or during the internal war, America federal is preparing to fight with China because Taiwan is annexed by China, but China and Russia will ally together to defeat America federal. Russia will use nucleus bombs to attack America federal (front mentioned), and China will attack the other weapons of USA army. The USA is still existed after the internal wars, the USA is the one contry out of the America federal, that time's USA is not as big as now.
    After that, America federal, Europe, Japan and China will fight to Russia, finally China and Japan are won, but I am not sure America federal and Europe whether will win. They will ally again to defeat Israel, it is because Israel is American friends, Japan and Russia will hate the related friends (contries) with old USA gov. Finally, Russia will ally with China to defeat Japan, it is because Japan has invaded many East Asian contries, Japan will be the East Asian superpower at that time, this is threatenning to Russia and China. But unfortunately, China will annex the Japan and the two Koreas. And next Russia and China will become the alliance. Therefore, the Europe hasn't the USA's support, they will be always controlled by Russia.
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    Do you have a cold virus, or the flu? Because if you're taking those cough medications, it's really important you don't overdose. Maybe get some sleep, spend a day away from your computer.
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    I just hate things about war.........
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    To indicate where the OP is coming from and also, to vouch for his sanity :smile: :

    John Titor

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    Ivan Seeking

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