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Divination: The end of the human

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    Divination: The end of the human
    From the two Chinese ancient famous divination book, Ming dynasty "Jin-ling-ta" and the Tang dynasty "Cang-tou-shi", they predicted the end of the human and the world would be several centuries later the "Chicken to dog year" (Chinese culture, foreigners may not understand). I estimate the time maybe in 3474-3475 year.

    The content is following (Jin-ling-ta):
    In the Tiger year, hazards come out, lucky people lives in mountains,
    The plain is covered by the water,
    All will be destroyed, nothing can escape that,
    People will be peaceful to live in the swamp﹐
    Although high buildings can be through into the sky, but the calamity acctually can destroy all them,
    Finally, all the flourish is vanished at a night!
    This the description of the progress of the end of the world.
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    Since none of us will be alive in 3474, there is no way to test the prophecy. Do you have some prophecies that will become true in the next few months?
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    Yes, I have divined that.

    Next few monthes, America will have internal war; An important person who overthrows relativity will appear; I will get the good news and be rich.
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    The time 3474 - 3475 is not correct, I think it should be in about 3480 - 3481, but my estimation may be wrong, because the time is difficult to estimate, but according to the Chinese cultural knowledge, we will know what is "chicken to dog year", it is Chinese branch of year.
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    Could you be more specific? How many months? Ie, if the war doesn't start in 4 months, can we safely say you were wrong?
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    Believe or not, that is up to you! Haha...

    The sin of American has arrived in front of the God-----In my divination result, the God told.
    The America will decay quickly in the civil war.
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