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Homework Help: Diving, Pressure Fluids

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    1. The problem statement, all variables and given/known data
    You are designing an underwater maintences schedule for an offsore oil rig. The Divers work at a depth of 15m and the seawater Denisty is 1027Kgm^-3. They Are know to Consume 130L of air at the ambient temperature of 10C over the time to do the job. Atmospheric pressure is 101325Pa. Each Full SCUBA diving tank contains 3Kg of air.

    What Fraction of the tank air mass will be consumed on each Job

    Any help would awesome. Thanks
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    So far i have Found the Pressure at 15m using
    P=(density)*g*h (quick question is this Absoulte or gage, not quite sure for under water)
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    Hey, I am having the same problem!
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    I thinks it is gage pressure
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    Use this to check your calculations pressure under water
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    Yeah it was gage.

    still cant get a resonable answer however
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