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Divining the God Globe

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    Link to picture. There's a Earth II orbiting around a super Jupiter "somewhere out there". They have worshiped the God Globe for as far back as their records go. People, strangely human in this, claim that they can read the Will of God in the squiggles in the God Globe. And one of those folks declares that the whole planet must unite in building a space ship to take The Words of the God Globe to other people living near other stars.

    The fun part is yet another diviner starts reading the squiggles and producing hard science, stuff that really works. It's a century or better head of anything known on this planet but it is solid science. They make rapid strides in the construction of their ship.

    Now, where did this seer/reader/boffin come from? Suggestions solicited.
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    In one possible version of the story he could have been that Bacon, one in a series of jobs he has been assigned to in his "profession" as jump starter of civilizations.
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    https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anaxagoras, he proposed that our sun was a giant hot sphere at a time when most humans thought it was a god.

    In a primitive society, more advanced groups can push science ahead quickly and leave those they don't have contact with behind.
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    Thanks, that will be a fun thing for "I've been known by many names", if I go that way.
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