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Divisional continuum

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    Hi, this is just an idea for now, i guess. It's incomplete but does the best I can do up till this point. Maybe it combines all the forces, maybe it doesnt. All I know is that mathmatically it can be done. And this is my interpitation of it, and it makes observing life look so wierd cause I believe its true. Should I or should I not, I dont know?

    http://n0n.madtracker.net/idea.htm [Broken]
    http://n0n.madtracker.net/idea.htm [Broken]

    Thank you
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    Why doesn’t any one reply to this? oh well, I should put pic's on the site to show you what it looks like, cause it so looks like strings to me. And can be both open and closed. But nothing will capture dos graphics. Or at least from what I’ve found.
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