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Divorcing at 8

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    I thought that Jerry Springer shows was the tip of it all, but I guess this is the norm over there:

    http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20090501/ap_on_re_mi_ea/ml_saudi_child_marriage [Broken]

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    Interesting map
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    To me that's is more a map of where the survey was conducted than of the actual marriage percentage.
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    It's a child marriage map, so yeah, it's more useful than you think.
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    I'd just like to point out, that while it is true India does have a high child marriage rate, and it is a big problem in the village areas, the ages are around 16-17. Now that is still a bad situation, and those women are not given a chance at education, etc... But anything below the age of 15 or 14 is just unheard of around there.
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    I find it hard to believe that 8 years old could be the "norm" anywhere.
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    Actually, it's 7:

    I know for sure that it still pretty common to marry children around 8 or set their marriage around or below that age.

    I could not find any reason why would they do that other than that
    1) boys are preferred
    2) girls can't do heavy work (support family)
    So, people see girls as burdens and try to send them out as soon as possible. I remember thinking about why poor even have children if they are hardly living by themselves... If I am thinking right, those people don't seem to have anything better other than marrying their female children asap. At least, it is better than female infanticide .
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    That's not a child marriage map. It include young women of 19 yrs of age.

    A good map, would be a premenstral map.
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    TEEN PREGNANCY in WEST and CHILD MARRIAGE IN EAST! Same problem deferent name, dont you think ? Which one is better?
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    Which one is involuntarily?
    Do you seriously need to think if 8 yrs old with middle aged man is worse or 8 yrs old with another 8-around?
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    Dear bro! Things are n0t like that easy what are you thinking ! As i live in a 3rd worlds country so i know !
    For example if that girl's parent is very poor and not capable to bear her mouth what they should do with that 8 yr old child ? Let her die deprive of food ? Or its better to give her a marriage with anyone who can maintain ? 'At least the life of their daughter got safe' (though its not safe at all) they are happy ! The second choice they have is to send her child to PROSTITUTION!
    And govt what they will do ? How they will maintain this vast population (1025 head per sq km - Bangladesh) with this lil communt of wealth ? Yes govt have banned child marriage ! Though UNFPA's statistics telles us 60 - 69 % cases child marriage happens, i cant believe it fully obviously i have some cause!
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    I'd argue that we have it backwards in America.

    11 marriages out of 1,000 marriages (around 1 marriage out of 100 marriages) ends up to divorce
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    India is a very prosperous country. Don't kid yourself.
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    though i aint talking about INDIA! India is richer! . . . 50 % child marriage happen in india its almost 60-70% child marriage of the world! And the rate of killing fetus after identifying female child is very very high . . . And the thing i dont like about INDIA is discrimintion between CITY AND RURAL AREAS ! big city like MUMBY is highly developed on the other hand they have some rural areas which is still under poverty level althoug they are developing which i apprecite!
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    Again ! What will make this sense in them ? They are illiterate! (according to BANGLADESHI govt 45% is literate but i dont think so it crossed 35%) They dont familiar with BIRTH CONTROL and also have sm religious misconception superstitions blah blah blah which stops them taking steps against birth control! And if you study about the increasing of population then you can get some idea the rate is decreasing but already they have alot !
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