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Electrical DIY CPU Fan

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    Hi folks.I'm 3rd grade mechanical engineering student.I want to make cpu cooler.I will make pid controlled fan with an arduino. PID path is easy but I could not find anything about fan dynamics. I want to design my own fan.I need something like "fundamentals of fans" that should answer my questions like;

    Which material should I use?
    How many blades should I make?
    How thin should it be?
    How much degree of blades should I choose?
    How many fins should I use? etc.

    It's not my school project or homework,I just want to make it.In summer I have a lot of time.
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    Welcome to the PF.

    Sounds like a fun project. I just googled your phrase Fundamentals of Fans, and got lots of good-looking hits. Why don't you give that a try first, and then post specific questions about that reading (with links to what you have read) if you have specific questions. :smile:
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    Yeah you are right.I googled fundamentals of fans after I post this.I just tough of this while I was creating my message. :smile:
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