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Electrical DIY Electrical Feedthrough

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    I want to build high voltage feedthroughs (vacuum) from epoxying pieces of alumina together, and then epoxying alumina strips on the outside to cover the spaces between. Can I use JB weld, as far as things go electrically? People have reported that JB weld is unexpectedly wonderful for vacuum.

    Provided I have the correct amount of alumina per the amount of kv im applying to it, the electricity wont break down or break through the linings of epoxy will it? It's very expensive to get blocks of alumina and machine them
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    I think it would be useful to see a drawing of the feedthrough and where you intend to use the epoxy. Also what vacuum are you trying to maintain?
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    A vacuum of 10-4 torr, it's really not a question of design it's more about the epoxy, im asking if the voltage will be able to move through the epoxy and connect to the vacuum chamber or other nearby objects within the voltages reach.
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    Unless you have the specs on it dielectric strength, or test it with at least twice voltage you intend to use I wouldn't use it. Why do you have to make your own feed through? Experimental rule: if you can buy a part that meets your needs at a reasonable price then buy it. High voltage vacuum feed throughs are common accessories for vacuum systems.
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