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DIY Fiber Optic

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    Hello. I know how to realize an homemade fiber optic using some food jelly. Are there other materials, at amateur grade; to replace jelly ? ( NB this item has to be used in high vacuum, and jelly is not convenient for this use)
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    Claude Bile

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    Is this to work in the visible?

    You could try a transparent epoxy from a hardware store.


    P.S. I'm interested in how you make fibre optics with jelly. Do you extrude the jelly through a hole or use a cast of some sort?
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    Thanks for reply. Yes I'm working in invisible area. To use jelly it is possible to introduce it in a cast, but it's just for educational application not really serious for lab. Sorry for the attached doc, it's in French ...

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    You can buy plastic fibre quite cheaply. Try ebay?
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    Materials like epoxies, etc., will outgas in a high vacuum. Even standard FO cables may outgas too much for high vacuum work. Can you just use line-of-sight optics and mirrors? Can you say more about your setup?
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