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DIY Foundry

  1. Nov 19, 2004 #1
    Hi everyone. I would like to build my own foundry, if possible to melt iron. From all the research that I have done, I can see that almost everyone opts to melt aluminum, even when it comes to building a metal lathe. The reason why I would like to melt iron/steel is that I am also wanting to build a bending brake capable of bending 5mm thick mild steel plate and I need to cast the jaws. Brass is expensive but maybe it is cheaper than building an iron foundry. What metal would you suggest?

    Currently I am considering building a tilting furnace with a oxy-acetylene burner. :devil: Am I being stupid? The other option is a coke-burning cuppola. The reason why I am considering a tilting furnace is because I don't think one should waste expensive gas to heat a crucible. To quote a fellow DIY'er: "If primitive man could do it in primitive times then primitive man can d it in modern times" Any ideas?
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    Have a read of Steve Chastain's books, - Oil Fired Tilting Furnace and Iron Melting Cupola Furnaces,

    ISBN 0-9702203-0-8 Coupla
    ISBN 0-9702203-1-6 Tilting

    I'm sure they'll tell you more than anyone here can! Although building your bending machine seems like enough of a project, you definitely don't just wanna outsource your forged parts?!
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    Cheers!! Actually I have reworked the design and it now takes fabricated parts. Took a lot of thinking!! Yeah, I guess the books are the way to go. Keep well.
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