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Chemical/Paint DIY Permanent Marker

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    Dear All,

    New here. I am an artist and am researching to make my own DIY Permanent marker ink that I can make to fill on an empty marker pen. That way I am free to create the color that I can conjure myself.

    I've researched on the internet (eHow.com) that using household paint with gradual mixing in of thinner till I find the correct consistency is the way to go. Any tips or directions would be greatly appreciated

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    Stephen Tashi

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    I've never tried to do that, but I'm curious whether you intend to fill ordinary markers that are empty or buy the empty markers sold by art supply places ? (e.g. http://artprimo.com/catalog/markers-empty-markers-c-28_76.html That site also sells ink for markers. I think you could mix inks to create custom colors. )
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