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Misc. Diy - plasma

  1. Jun 14, 2005 #1
    ive been bored so i was lookin for experiments to do for summer break and i came across one on making making and containing plasma... looks fun... but my question is, will i die or something? and what are some of the dangers besides the heat from thee stuff in the microwave...

    heres a link to it
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    Why can't you just play with a fluorescent light bulb?

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    lol wheres the fun in that... but do you know what the dangers may be of this experiment?
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    someone said they made a carrot plasma in their microwave
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    No2 and NO is not very good for health, take this into account.
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    If you go to Powerlabs, you can find out how to make plasma globes, among other things. All necessary safety precautions are detailed as well.
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    hey thanks for all your help guys... ill keep my distance from the microwave if i try it some time soon
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    Welding is much more fun!
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    I want to make ball lighting you can make that in your microwave, but what im gona do is do it out side and run a extention lead so you can be a safe distance, then only have it going for a few seconds.. oh yeh and probily use a old microwave and also put a cd in it, make's the cd turn all awsum
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