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Misc. DIY Whiteboard

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    If you've ever wanted a large whiteboard for your home but found the professional-quality ones too expensive, there is a relatively cheap alternative. A bit of googling turns up home-built glass, melamine bathroom siding, plastic, and plexiglass as some potential materials.

    I can't speak for the effectiveness of the others, but I bought a sheet of acrylic ("Optix" by Plaskolite) and have been using it for about a month now. It's mounted on my wall with some white paper behind it. Erasing is not quite as smooth as on a real whiteboard, but some markers (and colours) come off much easier than others. I was afraid it might scratch, but so far it seems alright. If it does, there is still another side to write on.

    I bought a 5 ft by 2.5 ft sheet at the Home Depot for about $40-$50 Canadian (can't remember the exact price). There were quite a few sizes to select from.

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    Hmmm. The one in my office is about 2' X 3'...it cost about $10. Granted, it's cheaply made, but ~$45 seems overpriced to me, even for a large board such as the one you're making.
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    I'd just go to the dump and saw the side out of an abandoned freezer.
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    I saw a piece of white board in the canal near my house, I managed to bring it up to discover a meat (~600gr) full of sheetsts. But the white board is still usable.
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    I did the melmaline version a few years ago. A bit hard to erase (red markers were particularly bad), but it was very usable.

    I think it was 8x5 for ~$10.
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    I assume, then, that you are a fellow Canuck. :biggrin:
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    White boards are dirt cheap. Its the markers that take a toll on the wallet.
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    Correct! :tongue:
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    Excellent! We are slowly but surely taking over.
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