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DJ Mixers

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    Hi. I am thinking aout purchasing a three or four channel low-end DJ Mixer for the multiple sound sources I have in my car. A few questions:

    What's the deal with all the microphone inputs? I just want to plug in an MP3 Player, a CD Player, and another sound source all at once. There won't be any actual microphones that people are singing/talking with.
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    Do you want to mix them or just be able to switch between different sources?
    Sort of like A+B+C+D -> output into speaker
    or A+B -> AB or A+B+C -> ABC ?
    If you want to just output all those into your car stereo's input then I'd go with passive mixers and output into pre-amp port in your car stereo
    Sort of like http://images.misupply.com/products/original/Rolls/11836.jpg [Broken]
    But if you want to mix in your car, well I dont even want to comment :uhh:
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