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DM and DE

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    Google scholar has 651,000 results for dark matter and 521,000 results for
    dark energy, more than i could read in a life time, can anyone suggest the
    hot pappers on these subjects.
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    Hi wolram! Here are a couple recent papers I like. Not terribly long or technical:

    Introduction to Dark Energy and Dark Matter
    Authors: Paul H. Frampton

    In an introductory manner, the nature of dark energy is addressed, how it is observed and what further tests are needed to reconstruct its properties. Several theoretical approaches to dark energy will be discussed. Finally, the dark matter, especially WIMPs, is introduced.

    The Dark Side of the Universe
    Authors: Katherine Freese

    I will begin by reviewing the evidence for Dark Matter in the Universe, as well as the candidates for dark matter. At most 20% of the dark matter in galaxies can be in the form of MACHOs (Massive Compact Halo Objects); the remainder appears to be some unknown exotic component. The most sensible candidates from the point of view of particle physics are axions and WIMPs (Weakly Interacting Massive Particles), where WIMPs may be supersymmetric particles. Three recent claims of possible detection of WIMP dark matter are tantalizing and will be discussed: the DAMA annual modulation, the HEAT positron excess, and gamma-rays from the Galactic Center. In addition, I will discuss the dependence of signals in detectors on the mass distribution in the Galactic Halo. In particular, the Sagittarius stream can be a smoking gun for WIMP detection.
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