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DMSO and Aromatherapy

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    I've only read a bit into DMSO (Dimethyl sulfoxide) and how one of its property is increasing the rate of absorption of some compounds through organic tissues, such as skin.

    What kind of effects could be attain if we were to combine DMSO and Aromatherapy?

    I'm mainly looking for possible results if certain aromatic combination were absorbed at a faster rate then usual or through a different medium.

    I look forward to your responses.
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    Why would you want to absorb aromatherapy through the skin in the first place?
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    It would make whatever aroma you choose smell (and taste) like garlic. The garlic notes would linger. Sounds like a bad day at the potpourri shop.
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    Not sure about aroma therapy, i mean, maybe it'd make a really long lasting perfume if you could then excrete the smell after it was absorbed? i'd pass on absorbing chemicals into my skin easily if i'm not sure how it'll affect me.

    I have heard of it being used for arthritis though. Not sure why but, I have heard of it.
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