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DNA evolution

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    I was reading articles regarding to the changing of human DNA and how our DNA seems to evolving a rapid rate.

    With this I wondered if the human DNA does evolve? and if so would DNA gain traits that we would now consider super human?

    Any info in this area would be appreciated.
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    I don't know what "super human" means, but yes, we gain new traits. For example, humans recently (westerners, anyway) gained the ability to process dairy products in adulthood. Is that super human?
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    What article are you referring to? What do you mean by rapid rate?

    Humans have certainly evolved over our history as a species. Good examples include http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lactase_persistence" [Broken] occur, some of these increase the fitness of an individual (making them better at survival and procreation) and thus get passed down more to the next generation.
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    Wikipedia is a nice place to begin learning about the basic principles. It covers almost all the important topics needed to understand the concept of evolution and also provides some background information. It might be a bit long for the average layman but reading the page thoroughly gives you a comprehensive idea.
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    By super human I mean, unusual strength, physic abilities, extreme IQ's, adaptable immune systems, abilities to cope with extreme temperatures, etc.

    Also where is the limits to where a DNA can evolve to. Would it be possible for us to ever have more than a double helix, as we gain new traits surely are chains get longer? What are these chains limits? If we gain a new trait do we lose or make another redundant?

    By rapid rate I mean above the average rate..
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    This is a science forum. Overly speculative posts are not allowed.
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