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DNA info on mutations,

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    How does the sequence of nucleotides in DNA relate to the chemical nature of genes, mutations, and the way genes are inherited?
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    The sequence of nucleotides is the information for "life". The information which codes for polypeptides.

    Genes code for a certain traits but each individual has two copies (or alleles) of each gene, the dominate of the two alleles will usually show up as a trait. Of course, this is an extremely simple example only as it relates to complete dominance.

    The DNA sequence has nothing to do with hereidity, we as humans recieve one copy of a gene from our mother and one copy from our father, the interaction between the two of these genes, as well as other consideration, are what determines our traits.

    Does this answer your question?

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    Mutations, they are simply mistakes in replication of DNA. For example A-T should be paired, but DNA polymerase could insert a G in place of the T, which could be deliterious, benificial, or nothing at all. Depending on the location of the mistake.

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    It doesn't. The only way it might relate is that certain stretches of nucleotide sequence are more prone to mutations.
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