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DNA Results need opinions

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  1. Jul 4, 2012 #1
    My apologies to (Ryan_m_b) for my previous post not being detailed enough to support a true discussion. This is the oddest results I have ever seen..and need opinions..

    Below is a DNA result that the Alleged Father has been passed off as the father of both children.??.

    By reviewing the first locus. The results reflect the female child as receiving 17 from Alleged Father which SHOULD make his 15 the "Y" to be passed to the Male Child. I added so "?" on the really questionable ones. This almost looks like the mother and father are related which is not the case..

    Individual came to me to determine if this is a valid result as the lab in question is not answering any of his inquiries. He paid for this test and when asked to get the raw data gets told that it's not required.

    There are currently 9 loc's in question here as all parties DNA has been submitted and the Male "Y" Chromosome should be clear to see as the mother states he is the father of both children.

    Results came back in an envelope that looks like it had been steamed opened but was also raining that day it came in the mail. Might be a possibility of tampering at the lab as the mother can pull some strings.

    The last possibility of the swabs being contaminated/tampered is a variable in the mix of all of this..

    I need to know from a Biology perspective how could this be accurately resulting in a 99.999% on both children? Should all Parties get tested again at an alternate non associated Lab?

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    Reopening of locked threads is against the rules. Consult the clinic that sent you the data and get a second opinion.
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