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DNA-RNA-Protein binding?

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    How do DNA, RNA and Proteins bind together? I mean Dna and rna differ in uracil and thymine bases along with the sugars but both differ from proteins in the fact that proteins are made up of amino acids whereas dna and rna are made up of nucleotides. So how do they bind to each other?
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    Amino acids are perfectly capable of interacting with nucleotides. Proteins can interact with nucleic acids in a variety of ways. Many proteins that interact with double-stranded DNA insert a helix into the major groove of the DNA where the amino acid residues can recognize specific bases through hydrogen bonding interactions. Interactions can also occur with between positively-charged residues on the protein and the negatively-charged sugar phosphate backbone of the nucleic acids. Proteins can also interact with the bases through pi-pi stacking or cation-pi interactions.
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    What?! I thought I had this webite figured out. I thought the preferred paradigm was inexpert person asks question - expert provides answer. It seemed like quite an advanced question to me. If that question is not up to standard then what on earth is this forum for?
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    ZapperZ has a good blog post about this https://www.physicsforums.com/blog.php?b=3588 [Broken]

    Essentially we prefer members not to ask "cold" questions, i.e. they demonstrate that they have not done any effort to find an answer before coming here. The reason we prefer this is twofold:

    1) If someone becomes reliant on just asking PF questions and getting an answer rather than trying to find something out and learn themselves then they are missing out on learning vital skills. Obviously we want people to ask questions but there has to be a mix with self learning. We do not exist as a one stop teaching service.

    2) Often cold questions are quite vague yet the OP is looking for a specific answer. This can waste members time as they begin to give an answer in great detail only to have the OP disregard most of it and focus on the specific they want. If you've seen threads like this you may have seen that they become extremely frustrating for all involved (especially if the OP has some idea in mind they are trying to justify).
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