DNA teleportation

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    I have searched this forum and havent find this topic.
    I would like to know what do you think of it.


    " Nobel Prize winner Luc Montagnier describes a phenomenon in which DNA emits electromagnetic signals of its own construction, "ghost DNA" that can be mistaken by enzymes as the real deal and replicated in another place. Essentially, it's DNA teleportation. "

    edit: oh, and i tried to search if this experiment was replicated by someone other, but havent found anything. i dont get it, this article is from january, and noone tried to duplicate this experiment yet?
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    Commenting ONLY on the use of the word "teleportation" that is pure sensationalism. The article says the propagation is via electromagnetic waves. Teleportation is by definition the instantaneous transmission of matter or information (and only "exists" in Star Trek), electromagnetic waves are not instantaneous. Reputable scientists do not use this kind of grossly inaccurate sensationalism in announcing their findings.
  4. Drakkith

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    From the article:

    Are they mistaken, or did the other test tube contain ONLY water? I don't see how its anywhere close to being physically possible if there was ONLY pure water in the 2nd test tube.
  5. i dont think that teleportation is defined to be instantaneous transfer.

    my biggest problem with the possibility is what we have to map out, and then send.

    the atom is made of electrons and the nucleus (which is made of quarks). and that only begs the question "what are electrons and quarks made of ?".

    at what point, if any, could we stop, and send ? in other words, could we map out just our atoms ? there would seem to be some point in size at which would be impossible for us to ever map ?
  6. Drakkith

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    I think I understand what you are saying. However, IF teleportation was possible, then being able to send a Proton or a Neutron would include the quarks that make them up. However any real discussion on this is pretty moot, as teleportation is not currently possible. (Except for things like quantum tunneling and whatnot)
  7. Ryan_m_b

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    If applying an electrical current nearby DNA was enough to teleport it disease would spread from one person to the next just thanks to walking around in a city.
  8. I think this study has rather debunked the myth of scientific method and/or peer review.
    Experimental errors happen, get over it.
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  9. Drakkith

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    What are you blabbering about now Dmytry?
  10. i dont think we can make that assumption.

    but i guess we should come up with an exact definition of teleportation.

    at least in star trek, they convert matter to energy, move it, and then convert it back to matter.

    if we use that definition, i think we would need to map out the smallest building blocks of matter.
  11. Drakkith

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    Maybe. Unless teleporting a particle also included all composite particles that make it up. Maybe there's a point that is "small enough" and you don't have to go any smaller. But who knows, we dont have teleportation yet!
  12. Borek

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    It didn't, at least not yet. Paper was not published so far.
  13. Drakkith

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    Aye. And I'd still like to know wtf they were talking about when they said they extracted DNA from both tubes when one had pure water at the beginning. That sounds physically impossible. DNA isn't made up of water. Either there was some contamination or someone is loopy.
  14. Ryan_m_b

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    IIRC the experiment ran something like this;

    Two tubes, one containing water plus DNA one containing pure water are placed inside a larger tube. This larger tube has wires running around the outside of it, a current is run through these wires. X time later they remove the smaller tubes and place primers in it before performing a PCR. The result was (apparently) that they got a result from the PCR that matched the DNA containing tube.
  15. Drakkith

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    So the water somehow held this electromagnetic signal and the primer copied it? I don't know a great deal about this field of physics, but I'm having a hard to believing that.
  16. Ryan_m_b

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    Tell me about it. It's quantum hokum-pokum mixed with some homeopathic supernonsense.
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