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DNA test for Paternity

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    Hello just reviewed some results for someone and thought it was quite odd.

    Below I have included an example of what was explained to me.

    Mother: 17,21
    Father: 19,20
    "daughter": 19,21
    "Son": 17,19

    By having the mother tested the "Y" chromosome should be capable of being determined.
    The children are a boy and girl and being said to be both from the same father.

    But with over 4 other lines within results with the exact same issue as above makes me want to ask opinions from biologists to explain if this is possible.

    Are both the children from the same father? Are the kids even his?

    I've read of mutating chromosomes due to smoking ect. Doesn't fit with above result.

    Are theses faked results? Should they all get tested at alternate lab?
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    There's no way anyone can answer you because those numbers could mean anything, please consult the clinic that issued this information.
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