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DNA Topology

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    I was wondering if topology has ever been utilized on the structure of DNA and how that applies to its functions? I am assuming that it has as this is one of the most obsessed over molecules in the 21st century.

    I am interested in this area of topology if it exists. Also I have no previous knowledge of the field of topology, and was wondering if I wanted to take this field up as a hobby, what would I have to study before hand? As in, which particular maths would make my life easier. I have currently only studied Calculus, single variables about three years ago. I am a Molecular Biology student, so haven't touched any other math. Thanks for any help in either questions.
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    Thanks for the link. So really with respect to DNA, the math is not so complicated as it seems from the paper? Correct? DNA topology is more interested in the qualitative features of the molecule? As compared to quantitative.
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