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News DNC Pre-Emptive Attack on Kerry-Vietnam Documentary

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    A company that owns a bunch of TV stations is working on a documentary of Kerry's post-Vietnam activities. HERE is an article. It smells a little like the CBS->Bush thing, except that until it airs, its tough to really know what its going to say. Needless to say, Vietnam is not good publicity and the Kerry campaign is finally realizing that....or are they?

    What separates this issue from the CBS issue though, is the Kerry campaign is actively fighting to suppress the documentary while the Bush campaign said virtually nothing about the CBS report. I said before that CBS is playing a dangerous game, possibly unfairly influencing an election, but now the Kerry campaing is playing the other side: by actively seeking to suppress the documentary, they are claiming it is an unfair campaing contribution, but if they lose that challenge, they are guilty of an attempt to infringe upon the 1st Amendment.

    Win or lose (the challenge), challenging the documentary is only going to increase its exposure and cause a two-pronged backlash against the Kerry campaign. Its a win/lose/lose, lose/lose/lose proposition. Once again, I think the Kerry campaign is demonstrating extremely poor judgement in laying out their strategy.
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    I just want to clarify that the documentary is not being put together or "worked on" by the Sinclair. Sinclair is including it in a news segment they are putting together. The documentary is completed and as the article mentioned was made by Carlton Sherwood. The actual documentary is available here: http://www.stolenhonor.com/
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