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DNS, pinging and URL blocking

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    Hello Forum,

    I understand that the DNS (primary and secondary) in my internet router convert URL requests into numerical IP address to use for retrieving the requested content from the web.
    I have a host device that is skype enabled that stopped working (does not connect to the internet anymore) because it pings the skype.com and does not get a ping back (Microsoft disactivated the ping response).
    How can I fix that?

    Is it possible to block the pinging to www.skype.com and have the device ping something else? What changes should I make to the DNS configuration? I don't think my router lets me block certain URLs...If I managed, somehow, to place a block to www.skype.com on the DNS, also all the other host devices would not be able to connect to www.skype.com. Could I let the other devices access www.skype.com by tweaking things at the devices level (DNS configuration on each device)?

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    Your best bet is to figure out how to turn the ping service back on. What type of system do you have? Windows 7, 10, or something else?
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    The problem is that the device is requiring that www.skype.com return an ICMP echo. That site no longer returns a response to ICMP echo.

    You could do the DNS shenanigans if you have something that can have a DNS server installed. Just change the primary DNS server on your router to that and and you have full control over the DNS responses. You could set it up so that the offending device gets an IP address of the DNS server instead of the Microsoft provided one. You can respond to the ping from there and probably put a tunnel in to make everything seamless.

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