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Do all particles have charge?

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    If neutrons are made of other charged particles, neutrons are not particles. And I can't figure out any other particles without charge.. Is Electromagnetism a property of all particles?
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    Neutrinos are elementary particles that have no charge. Dark matter has no charge, so most matter has no charge.
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    This is not true.

    While neutrons can be formed by the merging of an electron and a proton, they does not mean they are made of other particles. Subatomic particles are made of quarks. The type of quarks they have determines their charge. And they can change from one type to another.
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    Wait what? neutrons are particles? but I have always seen them described as three quarks orbiting each others? and protons to, so I tought they were just groups of quarks? and I assumed it to be like the atom, where the atom is not a particle because it is a group of particles. Aren't all particles that aren't point particles made of other particles?

    this http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Quark_structure_neutron.svg
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    Neutrons are particles, but they are not elementary particles, as they are made from other particles. Quarks are elementary particles since they have no known substructure.
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