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Do all the mentors 'own' this forum?

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    This may seem a little dumb of a question, but do all the mentors 'own' this forum? If not, then who does?
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    The webmaster, Greg Bernhardt. I'm pretty sure he's the sole owner. The mentors are just volunteers.
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    Like Loseyourname said Greg is the Webmaster and the Mentors are just members who volunteer to help out who have shown a good knowledge of the subject for the forum they run. As far as I know too he is the sole owner of the site. There is at least one other person besides Greg who is an Admin though. This person or persons might also hold some legal sway with the site proprietorship, I don't know.
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    I think that would be Chroot
    (I am not sure...)
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    That's true.
    Greg has assigned all duties of inflicting corporeal punishments on misbehaving PF'ers to chroot.
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