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Do all things have a destination?

  1. Nov 20, 2007 #1
    I know this is a vague question, but I was thinking today about some "Physics" stuff, particularly certain round objects, and certain inclined planes.

    It all began with the standard - I assume that the ball is "destined" to reach the bottom of the ramp, and calculate accordingly. Then I thought, well, what if someone comes up and KICKS the ball - does this mean that I was wrong about its destiny? Yeah, definitely. Does this mean it was destined, still, for something? Yeah! The kid who kicked the ball KNEW that the ball was destined for another location besides the end of the ramp, so technically the ball was still destined for something... And still, lets say the ball is sitting in some location, is it still destined for some "THING" in the future? Yeah...

    Then I thought, what if the ball just SITS in this imaginative garage FOREVER? Literally, that thing just sits there for-****ing-ever. Is it destined then? Well... I guess it's destined to sit there forever... right? That's its destiny.

    Note now, that we have always had some pre-conceived notion of "destination." In fact, my feeble mind can't conceive of a single situation in which there ISN'T a "destination" of some sort.

    So, do all things have a destination? If they do, does this mean that we, as humans have some place we are headed? Some ends?

    Thanks for any time!
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    well i don't think the ball was destined to be moved i think it's fate was to be moved but meh... after the fact that it was infact moved i assume you could argue both ways.

    but the question of do humans have some place we are headed, depends on your view. Do you think that human choices can alter the future or do you believe the future is set in stone?

    The first would be known as determinism the latter is fatalism.
    With that being said humans necessarily have 'some ends' or a place 'we are headed' but this 'ends' is either changing as we make choices OR the choices etc. are already determined therefore the future is never changing.
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