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Do animals have their own languages ?

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    Do animals have their own languages ?
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    They definately can communicate by sound and body language (look for instance during courtship or at prairy dogs). I doubt that they'd have such a highly evolved grammar system as we do.
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    I don't think they would have words. but maybe a noise and a nudge could mean "come here"
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    Animal Language

    Animals probally have their own language. Only if we could be able to translate what animals are, then we could fully understand what their communicating to us humans. Therefore, giving us humans the capability of unlocking the mysteries of their animal language!
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    We know from the experiments with 'great apes' (chimps, etc.) that these large primates can be taught to communicate very effectively with humans using sign language. I see no reason that a creature capable of using sign language wouldn't have some native facility for communicating with its own kind.

    We also know from the above experiments, that these primates can pass sign language capabilities to their offspring. From that I have wondered what might happen if a few of those that learned sign language in captivity were then released back into their native environments. Would they then be able to pass it back?

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    I think it is just the same as for example, the ways we acquire the behaviors in society, which social learning plays an essential part. And that species differs from each other only in the mechanisms of learning.

    ...bsss....Sure, they don't have a highly evolved language system, but I strongly believe they have highly adaptabilities to variable environments, which can be easily seen especially in "hybrid" breeds. That is the way human beings want them to be...
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    I take it for granted that it is just a very easily recognizable way of thirsty men who want their dogs to have more lovely reactions to what they say. For instance, someone says to his German: hey, shake my hand--click-click-click---or after throwing his hat away, "go get it for me my cutie", etc. That I pressume is also a way to train his dog for it to learn how to behave when it hears him call.
    Just an example of how animal recognize human (sign) language...
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