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Do animals have umbilical cords?

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    If they do, why can't we find Ms. Mimi's belly button?
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    All placental mammals have an umbilical cord during fetal development. You won't find a clear belly button like humans have (it might be more interesting to ask why humans get such a distinct belly button "scar" that other mammals don't get), but there will be a small, usually flat, scar with lighter coloration than the skin around it. Typically it's hidden under fur.
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    So wait animals dont have to cut an umbilical cord, right? Does it just tear off by itself?
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    Most of the time the cord tears off by itself. Animals that birth standing up will tear the cord on the way out/down. I have seen a litter of kittens where the cords stayed attached to several kittens for what appeared to be a couple of days. They were all wrapped up on various body parts and it was hard to cut them apart.
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