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Do any of you guys study philosophy?

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    Hey do any of you guys study philosophy or wish to?
    Do you study something else and wish you studied philosophy instead?
    I think that philosophy is the most interisting of all the academic displines that there are and definetly the most broad and far reaching of them
    also what can or you will do with your degeree in philosophy
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    Become a philosophy professor.

    That's about it I think.

    Although I did work with a few fellows who had Ph.D.s in philosophy once. But that was only when I was down and out and had to do grunt work between careers. :biggrin:
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    Les Sleeth

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    Here's a thread where PF members talked about their philosphy background.
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    Hey but what do you think about it to study it?
    I mean is it really just buttering no bread?
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    I studied Philosophy and I find mainstream philosophy to be obsolete and invalid. For example, many of the philosophical questions, such as if we have free will, have already been answered by sciences such as evolutionary psychology and neurobiology. Then the ponderings about the various morality systems again have been scientifically discussed and explained in Evolutionary Psychology. Philosophers are too behind and are not catching up with the latest findings, they are stuck in the past, perhaps because of nostalgic reasons, lack of mathematical and reasoning abilities, or close-mindedness where new sciences are automatically rejected.
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    Please state whether this is your opinion, or provide your evidence of this claim.
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    Many of the philosophical questions -- such as that of free will -- are not yet resolved, and may never will be. You don't go into philosophy seeking answers; it should be quite the contrary.

    As for a "lack of mathematical reasoning", there are many philosophers who have strong mathematical backgrounds.
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    I've studied lots of philosophy. (Depends on the philosophical system you are talking about with regards to volition [freewill.] Generally speaking, one cannot deny volition without using volition--because denial and acceptence derive from "proof and disproof" which requires validation which is derived from volition. Determinism is the denial of volition, 'tis self-contradictory. But that's another issue entirely.)

    Philosophy is really important for living and a study of it is worthwhile. A career in philosophy is also possible.
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