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Do any schools accept engineering tech undergrad degrees to their engineering masters program?

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    Hi all, I have been curious about this for a while. I know that some schools do not accept a bachelors in engineering technology for into a Master's Program of Engineering. I was wondering if anybody could tell me if there are schools that do?

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    i really doubt it, at a minimum i would think you would have to get a minor in physics to learn the calculus and physics minimum to even understand harder engineering coursework. at my school engineering tech only requires applied calc, which is a joke compared to the calc sequence, they only do simple polynomial calculus.
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    At my school, the theoretical coursework for a bachelors in engineering tech is far more in depth and not all that far off from a normal engineering degree
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    If you have to take the calculus sequence, diff eq, phys1-2, thermo, e and m, fluid mechanics, static, etc. Then it might be possible, but no one will know until you try. At my school the tech degree is more applied engineering, if that makes sense. You do less math, and more hands on work.
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    This sounds like something very country dependent.
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