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Do Asian women have milder periods than white people?

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    Do Asian women have milder periods than white?I hear often that Asian(mongoloid) women and their PMS's are not as bad as what white women go thru.
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    Most asian women have milder PMS than western women. Sometimes PMS in asian women can be absent (I know this because of personal experiences; I'm Chinese :D). It's mainly because of the diet that asians take. They eat mostly grains and vegetables, all natural unprocessed foods (meat in some countries are a luxury). I heard that proteins in soy beans found in tofu, soya milk, soya sauce, etc. weaken the symptoms of PMS.
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    Kalladin, can you cite any studies to back up that claim? Anyone can claim personal experience of knowing some women who have no PMS symptoms and others who have very bad symptoms, and I haven't known it to have anything to do with country of origin. The extent to which women experience PMS symptoms, if any, varies quite a lot from individual to individual, and even from month to month.

    Soybeans do have phytoestrogens in them (compounds that mimic estrogens), and you'll see "natural remedies" including soy products that claim to treat PMS and symptoms of menopause. However, I remain skeptical that there are sufficient concentrations in any of these to have any effect. We tested some of those products in sheep, which are highly sensitive to estrogen effects, and were unable to detect any estrogenic effects at all!
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    I don't want to go to deep and ask you details, but your symptoms are really milder? how about you mother ? and other female family members ?
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    :rofl: it always cracks me up how men are interested in PMS :rofl:
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    I want to know just for my personal safety,I work with lots of women. :biggrin:
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    Don't forget cultural factors may play a role ie: Asian culture rewards stoicism and possibly allows for less emotional outbursts (at least that was what I was taught when I grew up in the Far East and my mother grillled that into me.) Thus, Asian women may feel the full gamit of pain and emotional lability but just don't express it.

    Kalladin may not be too far off on dietary effects. we suspect diet can affect endometriosis, so why not other aspects of menstruation?

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    adrenaline, you present a very interesting thing about culture on the effects of PMS.
    To all the rest of you who think i'm female.. I'm MALE.. hehe Basically my mom and sister don't really have the stereotypical symptoms of PMS.

    Unfortunately I cannot cite any resources on the differences in symptoms experienced in Asian and Western women. In this case, when I stated that "Most asian women have milder PMS than western women", I must restate that into "most asian women I know.. and I know quite a lot, have milder PMS than western women". But I continue to hold onto my belief that the diet plays an important role if indeed, there is such a difference.

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