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A Do Falaco solitons also occur in water on a microscopic scale

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    Falaco solitons are unique in their longevity, reportedly up to 15 minutes on the surface of a body of still water. For details and the math see {{ http://www22.pair.com/csdc/pdf/pdf/falsol.pdf }} In addition, this persistence occurs at relatively macroscopic sizes in the range of 10 to 40 cm. Falaco solitons are purported to exist at every size level from sub-atomic to cosmic. I am interested in Falaco solitons at the microscopic level in the size range of 1 - 100 micrometers. It has been reported that Falaco solitons in this size range have been observed in bose-einstein condensates. However, I am interested in their possible occurrence in water. I am hoping you folks can give me some insight into this issue. And if Falaco solitons do/could exist at this level, how would we measure them? Thanks so much for your help, folks.
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