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Do I have ADD?

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    I'm starting to suspect that I might have ADD because sometimes in a conversation I will completely miss what a person was saying and I have to ask the person to repeat the entire speech.
    Also, when I watch videos or movies I will have difficulty understanding what the person says, unless there is captioning.
    When I try reading, even simple things like the newspaper, I will read an entire sentence or paragraph and not remember a clue as to what was going on because I was daydreaming.
    Also, when I was a kid and even up to high school, I used to watch TV and play video games, a lot.

    How would I be able to find to find out if I have ADD? will online surveys work? Also, since I've heard that many people who took medications for ADD didn't improve, is it possible for me to work around my ADD? So far in college, I've done well academically in my lower-div math and physics courses, so will my ADD(if I have it) really affect my upper-div classes?
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    I would say then to stop day dreaming as you talk to someone or read the newspaper.

    I dont buy the ADD phenomenon sweaping the nation.

    Instead of letting your brain become mush watching TV and playing video games, play outside, read a book, find a hobby when your growing up. That would probably solve many 'cases' of ADD.
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    :rofl: Dude. I have every symptoms you just described. When I was younger my mother thought I had ADD and ran me to a few doctors about it but I have yet to have it confirmed to any significant degree. Can you work around it? Hah, c'mon do those symptoms actually sound horrendous to you? You've done well academically so far, just don't stop. Personally, my grades having increased every semester for the last 3 years, so I'm not worried. I've never taken any medication for it. Well, not any real medication anyways, my mom's a hippie so I've had all sorts of herbs and 'natural medication' shoved down my throat.
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    Is there a difference between ADD and memory? or the brains ability to recognize/make sense of some thing on the first viewing.
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    sounds mildly like dyslexia as well, only that actually exists :smile:

    I too am cynical of this sudden new illness sweeping the world as fast as RSI.

    I was a hyperactive kid with the attention span of a humming bird, destined for the loony bin according to my parents. It later transpired I was just a bit imaginative and excitable, not that I had some mysterious illness invented by psychologists, or people who want to market focusyn or whatever it's called.
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    This might help - http://www.additudemag.com/

    But one would have to find a doctor or psychologist who is familiar with the matter.

    Unfortunately, I think ADD/ADHD have become catchall for a variety of similar symptoms. It may very well be the ADD has increased in the population.

    I do have ADD and have been borderline ADHD. According a psychologist, I have compensated/adapted over the years. I also probably have some for of Asperger's syndrome - and my son certainly does - which he probably inherited from me. My brother, who is a psychiatrist, has determined that ADD runs in the family on the paternal side, i.e. me, my father, his father, . . . .

    Certain types of neurological/cortical structures seem prone to ADD/ADHD, and that largely has to do with the way the brain processes (learning) and stores (memory) information, as well as the way people think and communicate.
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    its something I just really can't help.

    well it gets really frustrating when I try to read. I would like to acquire alot of knowledge from reading, but it takes me forever to even read simple articles or books

    well my dad used to hate reading when he was younger, but he reads more often now. But he spends A LOT of time watching TV
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    I was diagnosed with ADD. I've been through all the medications (well most of them). I do not take them anymore. The best thing that I have found to help you is martial arts, and/or lifting weights.
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    c'mon... you can't make a statement like that.
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    No one here can give you a diagnosis. If you think you have a problem, the only correct thing to do is to see a doctor.
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    I had no short term memory or more specifically sequential memory, or a very poor one. I'm sure that still to some extent plays a part in my ability to lose the plot very quickly when talking about something and go all tangential, and basically confuse people I'm trying to talk too. I'm better now than when a child but isn't everyone :smile:

    It's also nothing to do with ADD, which I think is a misnomer for "difficult" children. Now whilst I think if your concerned you should go see a Dr, who hopefully if he feels the need will refer you to a clinical psychologist. But the label seems over prescribed to me, you hear it so often you often can't help but be cynical and it's not something that really exists outside of the US. Which also leads me to question the exact diagnosis of something that could just be a child/teens way of thinking and then hopefully adapting and growing in his/her particular character.
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    As Evo says, you cannot get a medical diagnosis or treatment advice from the PF. It's just not practical (we are not medical doctors), and in some cases could result in harm. There is a good sticky post at the top of the Mind & Brain Sciences forum, which I'll paste in here to be sure everybody understands our position. Please see a doctor soon to ask your questions and get some answers. Best wishes.

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    While I don't disagree it is a very in-vogue diagnosis these days, as the father of a child with ADD I can tell you it's quite real.

    It is very difficult to diagnose because none of the symptoms are really out of the ordinary for a young, growing adult. A quick diagnosis is very likely to be a false positive for this reason.

    I would much sooner suspect more normal causes for what sounds like garden-variety inability to concentrate.
    - poor sleeping habits and routines
    - stress
    - boredom
    - other medications
    - etc.

    Or you could be someone who does not learn well by auditory input.

    Personally, I have determined that I am a very strong visual learner. I pick up stuff by seeing. If someone tries to tell me, I zone out in less than ten seconds. Can't help it. My wife is an auditory learner, and takes new information in best by hearing it. My son is a tactile or haptic learner, and takes in by doing.
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    Chi Meson

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    As a teacher of highschoolers, I also can say that ADD (in various forms) actually does exist. Still, it is diagnosed far too frequently. Proton, how long did it take you to write your initial post? I'm asking because your writing is very fluid , syntactically correct, and concise. That is not what one gets very often from ADD-type people.

    Have you had your eyes checked for far-sightedness?
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    it took me about 2 minutes to write my initial post. When you say I write fuild, syntactically correct, and concise, do you mean that I dont have ADHD. I know for sure that I can't have ADHD since I'm not hyper, but I'm uncertain about ADD. I have slightly near-sighted vision, nor far-sighted
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