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Do I have to have a minor?

  1. Aug 5, 2012 #1
    My major is physics, and I haven't chosen a minor, but is one required? I would probably choose Chinese as my minor, but in my degree evaluation, it just lists the requirements for my major. I have a section called "free electives" and only upper level classes will fill that section, so most of the Chinese classes wouldn't fill that section, they would just count as extra classes that I took that don't count towards the degree.
    So again, is a minor required? And what's the point of having one if it doesn't count towards the degree?
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    A Minor is absolutely NOT required. People generally take a minor to fill class slots each year and expand their knowledge base, but it is by no means necessary.
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    Some colleges might require you to declare a minor, although I don't remember hearing about any. Check your college's web site or printed catalog to make sure.

    I didn't have one myself, but I double-majored in physics and math, which (together with my gen ed requirements) pretty much filled up my schedule. I had room for a few odds and ends like an extra German course and one on the history of the English language.
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    You need to check with your college. At my school, a minor is required for some majors. Not for physics, though. I think the point is to have a more diverse education.
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    Ask your advisor or consult your college's course catalog. At some schools, it can be tricky to obtain a minor; at others, it isn't possible to graduate without one.
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    Our school requires a minor. But, taking the math classes in our physics program is more than enough to fulfill the math minor requirement.
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