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Do I need this for my degree?

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    I've emailed my tutor this question, and he forwarded it to someone else, and I'm still without an answer which I would like to know sooner the better. Chances are noone here will be able to give me a definite answer, but if you can try your best and give me an insight on to how it was like for you, then that would help.

    I would prefer to know how degrees are classified, my 1st year at uni doesn't count for anything. I'm currently in my second year and I am failing horrible at my statistics module (its a straight maths course). I am fine in every other module, but I have always struggled big time with statistics, there is literally no hope for me to do well in this particular module.

    I need to know if I can just not turn up for the exam, and focus on my other 3 module exams coming up at the end of this month, rather than putting in days into a module I won't scrape 30% in. I would rather get [70%, 70%, 70%, 0%] than [60%, 60%, 60%, 30%].

    There is a total of 16 modules over 4 semesters that go towards my degree, in your experience do you need this module? At the end of my last year will they only pick a few of my best marks, potentially making this stats module pointless?
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    even if you show up and fail miserably its still better than not showing up
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    I recently thought I had no chance of getting an A in a class cause I needed an A in the final and the last Exam before the. Nailed them both. Didn't have to show up for the final could gotten an easy B or taken a shot at the final.

    Not doing well study more and give it your best.

    My guess is the a fundamental understanding of statistics is important in computer simulations or organizing and making sense of data aquired in
    some experiments.

    Shouldn't your college clearly delineate what courses are required for your degree and at what grade is the credit exceptable?
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    You will need statistics if it is part of your core curriculum. Do not fret~ I failed maths at highschool, was not expecting to take stats at uni for psychology and failed miserably the first year, barely passing the second.

    During the christmas break between 2nd nd 3rd year I took a volunteer position as a data entry assistant, and watched and helped the PhD student being paid for the work. We chatted about what we were doing and how it related to stats topics I had been trying to learn. Within a month I was on the payroll, then working throughout my third year~putting into practice what I was learning and discussing concepts ~ really helped.

    So~ perhaps a couple hours of vol work...? Online tutors are also available~ belive me, stats is not beyond you, it is a language that can be learnt, like English, Arabic or any other.
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    I don't know about your university, but at mine if you missed an exam without a valid reason, you'd be kicked out. Also, failing a module with a mark <30 held a higher penalty then a fail in the range 30<40. Grading is usually weighted between second and third year, for a three year degree, something like 30:70 or 33:67. You'll be able to find this out in your university/departmental regulation. I don't see how a second year module can be 'pointless.' Presumably, the 16 modules they take will be four from each of the last four semesters, otherwise you'd be given 'free passes' to fail modules!

    I hated stats at university, but it's something you've just got to suck up and deal with: you can't have a maths degree without having taken at least a couple of stats modules.
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