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Do I need to move?

  1. Jun 22, 2005 #1
    It was 114°F today, 112° yesterday.
    Every day me eyes burn from the city air here.
    I drank the tap water once - won't do that again.
    In the morning, the air smells like manure.
    In the evening it smells like car exhaust.
    The boss at my job is really starting to make me mad - it's a struggle not to call in sick.
    I miss my friends in the other big city. Thinking about my ex as well.
    I miss the fresh air and cool weather in the small city.

    But this job pays good (second highest I've made).
    The apartment is fair-priced. Lease is not up until Janurary.
    Things are very affordable here.
    Nobody knows I'm here, they think I'm in Oregon. Ex thinks I'm in Mexico. :tongue:
    I hate moving.
    I hate having to find jobs.
    I have 3 cats that must come with me.
    I still have to pay off a fine in the small city for breaking their lease. I'll have to pay here, too.

    What should I do?
    The main problem is this heat is killing me!
    This is absolutely no place for an Arctic Fox...
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    If there is a pool in your complex, enjoy it when you can. Add a vacation day to the weekend so you can go to higher elevation to camp or what have you. Just get through the summer heat.

    Also, use the time to research your options and apply for jobs with a start date of the first of the year. This way you won't look like you are an unreliable flake who impulsively moves about.

    Then when your boss is annoying you, go to your "happy place" and remind yourself that it won't be like this forever. When you move to your new place, you'll have immediate companionship from three cats.

    Just be sure the grass doesn't look greener no matter what you do, or you will be a nomadic gypsy who will never feel a place is home with familiar faces and places. You can't escape certain problems by moving--you just take 'em with you.
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    You live in Fresno, CA dont you...

    or Northern California lol.
  5. Jun 22, 2005 #4
    No that really doesn't sound like very arctic climate there at all.

    I got myself stuck in Coalinga on my way to Frisco... never again.
    I really dislike the heat. I want to move to Oregon... or maybe Ireland.
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    My father use to work at an office in Coalinga... im sorry for you lol

    Have you ever gone to Visalia... i went there to pick up something for my father for fathers day and is wear these people are evil! Drove to best buy and left and got honked twice and the people at best buy were rude (but hot :wink: )
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    that was random... :uhh:
  8. Jun 23, 2005 #7
    I know the name... don't think I've been there though.

    Random is good... now quiet boy. :tongue:
  9. Jun 23, 2005 #8


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    No, but it was redundant. :rofl: In the meantime, I see you are making friends where ever you go. :rolleyes:
  10. Jun 23, 2005 #9
    Well, a few problems; I don't like the sun or water, I don't like people. :shy:

    The best way I can explain the problem is the boss wants to teach the alphabet, but not from "A" to "Z". He'll teach us that "L" is next to "M", and "H" comes before "I". Then he'll ask things like, 'what do you think comes before and after "R"?'... now imagine that I've never seen the alphabet, so I start asking questions; then there's the issue of if the boss is having a good day or bad day - if it's a good day I may get an answer. If it's a bad day, he'll look at me like I'm stupid, ask me what I think, or how long have I been working there, or tell me that this was taught 3 weeks ago at 9:17am while I was in the other room... and he's "disappointed" that I didn't learn it.

    I go home and I'm so mad, I can't sleep. Like right now, I can't sleep because all this is running through my head! He has a short fuse and a hot temper, so I can't just sit down and talk to him about it because I'll probably get fired. His son works here, too. Talk about timid; I see this has been a problem for a while in that family...

    :mad: :cry: :uhh: :frown: :grumpy:
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