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Do I own what I post?

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    My posts don't usually take too much time so I haven't thought to care or ask about copyright issues with what I post. But this time is different. My post "Proof the Bible is God's Word" in the Religion forum took quite a bit of time and effort. I did it over about a week in my spare time and the effort I put into it must be apparent since more than one person has thought that I copied it from somewhere. Contrary to what they think it is entirely my own writing apart from the quotes. But I would like to know, do I own my post? Do I retain copyright in what I have posted? Can I use my post elsewhere as I, the author of it see fit? Or is there something in the terms of PF which mean that once I post something here I hand over copyright in it to PF?
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    If you actually wrote it yourself...

    From the Guidelines:"All content posted on this site is copyrighted to Physics Forums."
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    That being said, I think it is more of a co-ownership than anything else. Greg can re-post it, or the actual author can re-post it anywhere else.
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    Greg, would you mind clarifying this for me please. This guideline could be interpreted in different ways and it's not clear to me what it was intended to mean.
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    i have to be honest, but it's stuff like this that i feel threatens the PF community...when one clicks the "I agree" button, you are allowing your words, your experience, your lessons, your opinions for others to view...if you do not want these ideas/words/thoughts replicated or slandered, PF may not be fore you...I come here to share my thoughts and opinions openly, if there is something I do not want repeated in any form, i do not type it...

    you also have the ability to edit your own posts or delete them if you choose, so, if there are words of your own you do not wish to be duplicated, then you have the option to edit/remove, or have a mentor do it as well...

    if this is true, i would suggest you save your time and effort for your own website or book...
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    I don't understand what you think is the threat to the community Kerrie. Obviously if you post something here you are putting it into the public arena. I have no problem with people repeating what I have posted. I hope they spread it around far and wide and I would be flattered if they did. I didn't ask this question out of a desire to restrict other people's use of what I posted. I have no problem with that. I asked out of a fear that by posting something here I may be restricting my own use of what I have written. Suppose I publish a book or article and I want to include what I posted here. I just don't want to be sued by PF for breaching their copyright by including something I wrote and posted here.
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    Like I said, I think it is more of a co-ownership...or that you waive the right to stop Greg from reproducing your work(for instance, either you or Greg has the right to reproduce your work.) It is there, I think, to prevent Greg from getting sued if he produces a PF archive disc for sale: you have no right to ask for a cut of the profit.
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    sorry laser eyes, i misunderstood...
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    Does that include them taking your name off of the work and placing their name upon it?
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    lol. Well asked! No, I don't think I would like that at all. I like to take credit for what my mind comes up with. (I have a little too much of that intellectual pride I spoke of!)
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    Dang it, There goes my chance of becoming a famous internet evangelist!
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    Copyright law, humm, only my understanding, and I could be wrong!

    In Canada, the law is such that everything that I create has an automatic copyright upon it, including the little notation that I had made of the time, access code, and station number, for the use of this computer.

    In Canada, all of these things are automatic, ©.

    Most of what I write, that has content, is with a previously construed document, hence copyrighted, then copy/pasted to the page.

    I would, from that, share in copyright (with PF) in a manner that might be different from the rest of you, as most of you are from the US.

    The purpose of copyright law is to protect the integrities of an author’s reputation, and thusly the right to the Author to the accreditations that such protection affords them. (Means money)

    As author of thread content, it is my "moral rights" that I would seek protections for, those being the right of myself to Keep my own name on MY work. Furthered protections are available, should it prove to be a profitable venture, the marketing of a name. (And the work thereof)

    Lots more, just that I have these two little girls giggling away on either side of me, the luxury (NOT!) of using library computers.
    Found out when I booked this one, that there were two others available, right away, but there system had booked me on this one, for fifteen minutes later, HUmmmmmm, certainly makes me wonder, hardly anyone else here, the rest are empty!
  14. Aug 6, 2003 #13
    Kerrie and Zero have answered the question very close to what I had in mind when I added that statement. Basicly anything you post on PF belongs to me. I do not say that because I try to be controling or a tyrant, but because like zero said I have archive cds for sale. If you claim I am selling your intelectual property you prolly could sue me if I didn't have you agree to my terms when you sign up. Also in the distant past when I first had the forums members would suddenly quit and demand I delete all posts and information about their PF account. Doing so would mess up topics greatly. Now as most members know, I am a very very cooperative person, and if certain situations arise I will work with you to meet your needs regarding copyright concerns.
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    Well an aspect of what would be an issue would be the ideas of "Body of Work" (which is what the archive amounts to be) and "contextualization" which is when authors are mis-cited or erroneously cited, or cited out of context with the original work.

    Hence if you do NOT want your work sold as archival record, delete it! (or, probably better, don't post it here)

    That plays into a need of publication, and public access to the entire work to ensure that authors works are not cited out of context as to damage reputations.

    Clearly Greg, or PF (whichever is legal owner) owns the 'archival record' which is the "body of work" that is PF to begin with.

    That manner of sale probably precludes any one individual from making any legal claims against Greg or PF on the basis of Copyright law.
  16. Aug 10, 2003 #15
    Just out of curiousity, do you have a "Library of Congress" number/listing for the archive?

    Is it considered as a public archive or a private one?

    And, do you have, or, are you getting, an ISBN #?
    (International Standard Book Notation)
  17. Aug 13, 2003 #16
    no, nope and nada :smile:
  18. Sep 10, 2003 #17
    No offence, but you should, it protects your (and ours, everyones) copyrights better......
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