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Misc. Do it yourself projects.

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    I was sitting around bored last night, and wondering what sorts of projects I could do around my appartment, when I thought `why not ask on PF'. I'm sure everyone here has done some do it yourself projects over the years, care to share what they were?

    Provide some details yourself, or just link to websites with instructions.

    http://www.garf.org/news25p2.html#HUGE" is one I will probably do someday when I own my own house.

    I've also made several of http://toppertwo.tripod.com/pop_bottle_pots.htm" [Broken], they're great for growing strawberries, or for starting plants out.
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    Yeah, making your own fish tank is great. I made several, the biggest one 150 * 50 * 60 cm. The most interesting one was a pentagonal (diamond) model for a corner, giving some interesting challenge how to cut the glass.

    I did not try salt water, instead my favorite were the discus


    the Ramirezi

    http://www.association-discus-passion.com/photos/cichlides/Papiliochromis-ramirezi2.jpg [Broken]

    and the Congo tetra

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